Laundry sign

This is an awesome idea, sending burlap through the printer....and out comes a beautiful new addition to your home! I found the how-to at domestically speaking.

Here is her tutorial or click here for the photo tutorial.

{1st Step}

I created my “laundry” verbiage in Photoshop elements, but you could use any word processing program. I made it 8 1/2” x 11”, so that it would run through my printer as a standard piece of paper. I went to an online dictionary to find the definition I used.

{2nd Step}

Iron the burlap.

I had a piece of scrap burlap that worked perfectly for this project. You want your fabric nice and smooth for the printing.

{3rd Step}

Place your freezer paper on top of your ironed burlap with the shiny side down (touching the burlap). Run a medium, dry iron on top of the freezer paper and it will magically adhere to your burlap.

{4th Step}

Cut your burlap/freezer paper into your 8 1/2” x 11” size.

{5th Step}

Run your burlap/freezer paper through your printer.

{6th Step}

Peel off the freezer paper….

and you have this amazing printed burlap!

To finish off this project, I used the leftovers of the foam board from my Check My Pockets laundry sign to create the backing for my empty black frame.

To adhere the burlap sign I used decorative nails.

I used scraps of burlap, remnants of a sweater I turned into a pillow and the remains of my daughter’s dress turned pillow… and twisted and hot glued them onto felt to create some cute flowers. I glued the flowers onto the foam board and frame with my trusty hot glue gun.


  1. What is freezer paper?

    1. http://www.reynoldskitchens.com/products/freezer-paper/

  2. What brand/model of printer did you use?



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